The Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan

Welcome to the Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan

For those who are curious to learn more about Jordan’s native flora, or fancy a quaint walk through nature, a visit to the Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan will not disappoint.

A mere 25 kilometres north of Amman in the lush area of Tal Al-Rumman, the garden site resides over the slopes overlooking King Talal dam. Known for its year-round perfect weather, the garden boasts a plethora of natural vegetation. Numerous kinds of plant species that are unique to the Kingdom have been carefully cultivated with the overall aim of promoting a homogenous and sustainable eco system. The location is comprised of a variety of soils, hills, valleys, and a freshwater stream. It is this wide-ranging setup that allows for endless possibilities of botanical display. The garden is not only aesthetically pleasing but it also acts as a research and study centre, which focuses on plant preservation.

Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan’s components:

Science and research: the aim of the garden is to become an internationally celebrated research centre focusing on plant conservation.
Education and community development: the findings and research of the facility are used as a necessary resource by interested audiences.
Sustainable living: leading by example, the garden utilizes best practices for eco living, informing visitors of the steps necessary to commit to a green lifestyle.

What to do

The area is full of picturesque scenery, and an early morning walk is highly recommended. Following your trek, make sure to head over to the main office to find out what activities are available. Afterwards be sure to visit Tal Al-Rumman restaurant, which is a mere few minutes away by car, and sample local delicacies prepared using fresh ingredients unique to the Jerash area.